Day 1: Friday, December 6
Doors open at 6:00 pm

6:30-7:00 pm Welcome and opening talk by Nicholas Heras
7:00–7:40 pm Film Screening: “Zarok in Em,” directed by Mazdek Ararat & Xosman Qado, Rojava Film Commune
7:40-8:00 pm Kurdish Live Music by Dijwar Karaman
8:00-9:00 pm Reception

Day 2: Saturday, December 7
Doors open at 3:00 pm

3:30-4:30 Panel: “What Is the Rojava Revolution,” with Janet Biehl and Latif Tas
4:30-5:00 Fundraising for Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê (Kurdish Red Crescent), with donations of Janet Biehl's paintings and Dijwar Karaman’s music CDs
5:00-6:15 Film screening: “Stories of Destroyed Cities,” directed by Sero Hinde, Rojava Film Commune
6:15–6:30 Break
6:30-7:45 Film screening: “Berfin,” directed by Özlem Arzeba, Mexmur Film Commune

Day 3: Sunday, December 8
Doors open at 3:00 pm

3:30–3:40 Dance: Hussein Simko
4:00-4:40 Shorts from Rojava Film Commune
"Zilan Kobane" – 10 min
"Deng" – 12 min
"Derwes" – 15 min
4:40–5:15 Q&A with Kurdish film directors from Rojava Film Commune via Skype
5:15–5:30 Break
5:30–6:45 Film screening: “Commander Arian,” directed by Alba Sotorra

New York Kurdish Film and Cultural Festival III
DATES: December 6-8, 2019
LOCATION: Diocese of the Armenian Church, 630 Second Avenue, New York, NY
New York, November 12, 2019—The New York Kurdish Film and Cultural Festival is
proud to announce the third annual New York Kurdish Film and Cultural Festival. 8-Ball
Community is co-hosting the festival.
Nicolas Heras, a Middle East senior analyst, will deliver the opening talk. This year’s festival will introduce and celebrate the Rojava Revolution by with films Rojava Film Commune, discussions, musical and dance performance, and a mini-Kurdish bazaar to exhibit and sell Kurdish clothing. There will be fundraising for Heyva Sor a Kurdistane , the Kurdish Red Crescent, with contributions donated by American author and artist Janet Biehl (drawings) and Kurdish musician Dijwar Karaman (music CDs).

Rojava, the multiethnic Kurdish, Arab, and Assyrian region of North-East Syria, has become a testing ground for new ideas about municipal democracy, feminism, and environmental sustainability. The festival producers hope that the festival will inspire working class and  marginalized communities in America to build unity with the Rojava Revolution and Kurdish resistance.

The three-day event is dedicated to Mazdek Ararat, a revolutionary filmmaker, instructor, and warrior from Kobane who was martyred on September 13, 2019, and buried the next day in the Martyrdom in Kobane. Ararat was a member of Rojava Film Commune. His film
“Zarok” is the first film of the commune and will be screened on the festival’s opening night. Tickets are now available to purchase on  Eventbrite.